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Let's Meet

I'm Kylie, your Essential Virtual Support person.

My journey in the real estate industry started as a fresh eyed 15 year old straight out of high school.  A condition at the time of me leaving school so young was that I was to obtain my real estate sales licence which I did before I reached the age of 18.  I started selling real estate when I was 19 and moved into property management shortly thereafter deciding that sales wasn't for me.  Fast forward over the years finds me working and being licenced in the Northern Territory and Western Australia relocating back to South Australia with my husband and starting a family.


I was extremely fortunate to move from a hands on residential property manager to a position in corporate real estate with a leading international franchise providing services such as business planning and profitability to best practice processes and legislation training to the business owners and property managers in South Australia.

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The Essential Difference

Presently it is difficult for business owners to secure property managers in their business therefore it is my goal to be able to offer support to these businesses in order to take the pressure off their team.  I am passionate about ensuring clients and customers receive quality service.  My support to your team will ensure they are able to continue providing this quality service.  While the property managers are out on the road doing their out of office work, they can be assured they're supported by a local, licensed, specialist - who is not afraid of change and has been working in the industry for over 30 years.


As a Virtual Assistant in real estate, I am based in South Australia, I am a licensed Property Manager, Sales Representative, Auctioneer and Trainer/Assessor.

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Essential Virtual Support
Let's Meet
Our Services

My Services



General Office Admin Support

Document Preparation - Property Management and Sales

Data Entry

Email Management

Lease Extensions

Bond Refunds

Insurance Claims




Social Media Management

Marketing Support



Sometimes all your business may need is a one off task completed, or maybe a little additional support is required.  I can help by tailoring to your needs - subject to availability.  A quote can be provided.  If you don't ask you'll never know!

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